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Everything You Need To Know About Linear Lighting

Traditionally people used to purchase tube lights T8 type for lighting their homes, while homes with interior architecture use down lights & panels for ambient lighting as shown in below image.

Presently due to technological advances in the field of mass led manufacturing and global warming, the concept of led linear lighting is gaining popularity with interior architects and home buyers. The concept is not new but it has gained traction recently, earlier linear lighting was only limited to commercial establishment due to its high price tag, limited supply and difficulties in maintenance.

But what is linear lighting ?

Any type of lighting whose shape is in the form of a continuous line like your tube lights as opposed to round or square shape like bulbs or down lights or panels, can be called as linear lighting. Tube light is a type of linear light but with a short length, but generally linear lighting is referred to continuous long length of luminaries joined together to create a linear effect.

Any linear lighting module consists of three main components: i) Led strip ii) Aluminium led profile housing with diffuser on top iii) Power supply Such multiple modules are connected together according to the length specified by the client in order to create a linear lighting.

What are the different types of linear lighting ?

a) Surface or recessed mounted linear lighting The aluminium profile houses the led strip and this profile is either surface mounted onto walls or recessed into false ceiling or drywall or gypsum boards. The aluminium profile size, shape and led light colour can be chosen depending upon aesthetics.

b) Suspended linear lights

These lights are generally finished products and are suspended from the ceilings upto a desired height. Multiple modules can be joined and suspended together so as to create a linear effect. Easy for maintenance and ideal of super markets where the area to be illuminated is long and wide.

c) Outdoor linear lighting Outdoor linear lights are usually in the form of short 1 metre bars with top housing as toughened clear glass or acrylic, and are generally witnessed in garden lighting or entrance lighting called as linear in ground lighting. Also continuous IP68 led strip for facade wall washer lighting with desired beam angle are used widely in this type of lighting.

Smart linear lighting, the next step

Now you know what is linear lighting, it would be easier to understand the concept of smart linear lighting. Any lighting which is able to connect to internet and can be controlled remotely via your mobile or voice is termed as smart lighting. Now when you are able to control your linear lights remotely i.e. change their colour or dim their brightness then this type of lighting is know as smart linear lighting.

At Casiiot our engineers can design you a smart linear lighting solution sourced from best brands around the world with the option to choose your led colour, size of profile and shape of the linear light. Below are some of our linear lighting installations.

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