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What is Zone Lighting ?

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Normally we switch the lights manually with buttons on the switchboard, but after advances in IoT and Lighting Automation we are now able to control these lights with our mobiles and remote controls at very affordable rate. Since Lighting Automation field is very vast, in this blog I will only focus on Zone Lighting which is a part of Lighting Automation field. There are certain applications in which Zone Lighting is the most feasible solution with the added benefit of IoT i.e. mobile and voice control.

Zone Lighting

Zone Lighting is a method of grouping multiple lights and then controlling either that group individually or controlling all the groups.

Controlling here refers to : A) Turning On/Off the lights B) Change colours C) Dimming the brightness

Zone lighting features : A) Control lights in each Zone separately B) Control lights in all Zones simultaneously C) Each Zone can have multiple lights D) Control colour and brightness of each zone separately or all zones simultaneously

In the below figure it can be seen that how different light colours can be set in different zones 1, 2, 3, 4. At the same time, all zones can be set to have same colour. This controlling can be done using mobile or remote.

Technology behind Zone Lighting

In Zone lighting, every Light System (Light System = Light 1 or Light 2 or Light ’N’ ) communicates with each other using patented “Wireless-sync-control” technology. This system has two components (a) Receiver i.e. Controller (b) Transmitter i.e. Remote Control

a) Receiver i.e. Controller

Receiver/Controller is just connected before the light source. Receiver is the component which can control the switching, colour and brightness of the light source. In reference to above figure the Light System = Receiver + Light Source, hence Light 1 = Receiver 1 + Light Source 1, Light 2 = Receiver 2 + Light Source 2 and so on.

b) Transmitter i.e. Remote Control

Remote control works on 2.4G technology and transmits unique signals based on the zones selected. Suppose Zone 1 is selected on remote control and when colour change button is pressed, then unique colour changing signal for Zone 1 will be sent by the remote control, and this signal will be processed by only Zone 1 receivers.


Zone lighting automation is ideal for applications where customers want lighting automation at affordable cost, simple lighting structure and ease of use but do not want to go for DMX/Dali/KNX automation due to its cost and complexity.

1) Home Lighting Zone lighting automation is ideal for 2BHK to 4BHK where each room can be set into different zones. Customers can also choose to opt for WiFi Zone Lighting in this case where the light's brightness, colour can be controlled by Alexa or Mobile app.

2) Shop/Showroom Lighting

Lighting illumination and colour design effects in interiors for shops and showroom. Different areas of showroom can be placed in different zones to give unique effect.

3) Signage Lighting

Interior signboard designs: Signboard letters and designs can be placed in different zones and can be given distinct colour via remote. Colours of different zones can be given different effects to create a live colourful signboard.

Casiiot Smart Zone Lighting

Casiiot Intelligent Systems Pvt. Ltd. provides Zone Lighting solutions with the option of mobile and voice control for homes, commercial shops and offices. High quality receiver and transmitter with 1 year warranty on complete system along with option for extended warranty. We provide Droplux system which works on patented wireless sync technology, where receivers placed in same zone communicate with each other to achieve perfect synchronisation for colour changing effects. Using this RF mesh method, range of control is increased upto 30 metres for same zone control. Visit us at and contact us at for more information on Zone Lighting automation.
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