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[Smart Features::]

(1) Our Smart Life App based RGB Controller can control RGB Strip light upto 600 leds or 72 Watts (Led Strip and power adapter is not included).


(2) Download Smart Life App and Choose from 16 million colours to light your bedroom.


(3) Now set color with Amazon Echo or Google Home devices with commands like “Alexa, change the lights to the color blue”, “OK Google, Brighten the lights by 20%”.


(4) Automation based on location and weather.


(5) 24 Key IR remote allows manual control of the controller upto a distance of 5m.


(6) Music mode in app picks audio signals from inbuilt microphone to lighten your strip.


(7) Supports various scene modes and DIY mode, to customise and save your colour and speed settings.


(8) Remembers state on power failure. If strip colour is blue before power is turned off, then when power resumes controller will remember this colour and change the led to blue colour automatically.


(9) Use Timer & Scheduler feature to to turn on and off your lights at any time of the day. Set daily schedules to turn lights on at specific time of the day.


(10) Requirement: Needs 12V DC power supply from DC jack round pin, requires WiFi router with internet connection.


Package include: (1) Smart controller (2) Remote (3) 2 x 4 pin male connector (4) Duracell 2032 battery. 3 months manufacturers warranty is provided.

Casiiot SmartLife WiFi RGB Controller

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  • 100% Refund with pickup if product is defective or damaged

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