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Discover the joy of switching on your lights with just a touch on your mobile, change the colour of your room lights to suit your mood or dim the lights to save energy. Or just program your lights to wake up on motion at night. 

“TLW is an experience centre showcasing trending lighting products, technologies and provides robust home automation solutions”



  • Shop from our wide range of lighting products sourced from Indian and International brands

  • We bring you the most innovative and trending products from lighting industry

  • Shop variety of products from Architectural Lighting, Linear Lighting, Decoratives, Stage Lighting & Building Façade Lighting 

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  • Bluetooth/Zwave/Zigbee based wireless lighting products

  • Luminaries are connected to a wireless hub which forms mesh network

  • Motion sensor, contact sensor and smart switches are used to control power and brightness of lights

  • Ideal for 2-4 BHK apartments



  • Dynamic lighting fixtures based on DMX/KNX/Dali protocol

  • A Centralised System controls the brightness of luminaries by adapting to the natural light in day

  • Sensors and automations are extensively used to provide a defined lux

  • The System is designed to lower energy usage and reduce electrical cost

  • Ideal for large homes, buildings and commercial establishment room

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The Lighting World is one stop shop for all your smart lighting and home automation needs. Our smart lighting section has collection of IoT based lighting fixtures from leading global brands in the lighting industry. While our home automation section addresses your need for controlling any of your appliance with mobile or voice.  Our in store team of experts will help you in designing a proper solution for automating your home that perfectly fits your requirement and budget. 




TLW store trades consumer and professional lighting products along with other electrical products which are required as accessories to any lighting project, at wholesale rates.

We also trade in smart home products such as smart switches, smart locks, smart window blinds and home security sensors.


We always design the project with the aim to have:

  • Highly responsive system i.e. speed of turning on/off lights should be quick when interacted

  • Highly stable & reliable system i.e. connection should not drop and devices should have low failure rate

  • Have the lowest running electricity cost

 Our lighting consultancy service includes :

  • Design of automation system and electrical wiring

  • Providing option of branded luminaries that fits the design


TLW being a System Installer (SI) can offer below activities :

  • Testing the system in house before installing

  • Electrical installation & Commissioning that includes programming of installed hardware with system and/or integrating with existing system before project handover to client

  • Training & Drawings to client on using the system

  • AMC

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